Monday, April 27, 2020

Where to now?

A carpet of red leaves
a digital collage 
my web presence
is this rabbit hole
just a warren
or is it 

Thursday, April 16, 2020


Okay, welcome to 3D Thinking!
I am building and editing on the fly,
and I have decided to put all the
on it's own site and let the blog be
whatever it becomes.
So the blog is more personal and rough
is more on form.

Sources: Tools and Materials

Welcome KPU Students and Alumni 
(and the rest of the world)
This list is skewed in favour of the
Greater Vancouver Regional District
because this is home to KPU.

Home Depot -This is where I do most of my shopping for the shop! They have wood, they have glue, they have wood glue; tape;string;nails;screws;screwdrivers;power tools;etc. Also metal and welding supplies. Did I mention paint? And painting supplies? This is the first stop. If they don't have it, I have some other suggestions and more specialized places.

Fabricland - This is where I purchase heavy duty thread. Also needles, pins, and unexpected things like bobbins! If you are a fabric artist I should not have to tell you they have that too. (Join the club and get deals.)

Lee Valley -   Not only do Lee Valley make alot of high quality tools and hardware, they also search out high quality products to stock that solve problems. I can't tell you how many times I've spent hours browsing their shelves or reading the catalog (online and delivered to your mailbox) from cover to cover.

Opus - Art Supplies. Lots of high quality Art supplies. Pencils, pens, acid-free paper, sketchbooks, paint, brushes, modelling materials and tools, and more. They even stock unusual items like "Flexwax" (great for casting hands, feet, small objects,etc.)

Metal Supermarkets -You can order a wide variety of metal here. Check out the website for dimensions and alloys available. I routinely order Hot Rolled Mild Steel sheet, rod, angle iron, or flat bar. They will even cut it to size for me! Lengths are usually 12' or 20' so it's a good idea to do a drawing and do the math ahead of time. Sheets are 4' by 8' . I usually get them to cut sheets into 16" x 24" pieces, that comes out to a nice even dozen.

Windsor Plywood - Live-Edge / Specialty Wood is what comes to mind when I think of Windsor Plywood. They have a wide variety of wood working tools and supplies, but it is their variety of Hardwoods that convices me to make a special trip out to peruse.

Coast Fiber-Tek-  Fiber-Tek has all you fiberglass needs covered. Also Plaster, Hydrostone, Casting Rubber (Smooth-On products), Kevlar, Carbon Fiber , Fiberglass mat, cloth, woven roving, Polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy resin.  And Make-up and FX. I get the majority of our Casting Studio consumables here at this time. ( concrete, and sand I get at Home Depot)

Rex Krueger "how to find good used tools"- Rex describes his technique for getting good used tools at Auto or Furniture Shows.
More on this.

AND HEY - new developments just keep on rolling in! THIS is where the proper site is being erected even as I type. And so this blog can go on with it's more proper roll as a blog - a place to put regular (notice I didn't say DAILY?) developments. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Video Recommendations

I am linking here to a variety of
that I believe are helpful in building skills
for working directly with materials.
Specifically Sculpture.
I'll make every attempt to explain the reasoning behind
each Recommendation.
(Although I am presently employed as a
Sculpture Instructional Associate at KPU
these recommendations are personal and do not necessarily reflect
KPU curriculum)
 This is actually a Youtube  Channel , not just a single video. The ones I have seen feature a man's video diary of life on a homestead. Working with basic hand tools- even Medieval Tools- he cuts rock, makes axe handles with an axe, carves his own anvil base, makes a foundation for a shed... Stuff like that. Usually no voice over, just the meditative sound of axe and hammer blows. I could watch this all evening. There is a Q&A session that gives a decent amount of background information on how this channel emerged.

Rex Krueger-
  Another Youtube Channel, it's hard to go wrong with this guy's "build anything with simple basic tools" attitude! Again I haven't watched them all, however I have watched a good number of them, and unlike many videos I watch them all the way through because I'm learning something about working with wood. (My main formal education has been in Welding, Art, and Digital Multimedia.)
The Woodworking for Humans Series is a great place to start. Rex shows you how to build a bench, a mallet and many other useful basic tools. He tells you what you need to do basic woodworking, how to get started and how to find good deals on inexpensive tools and materials. As he builds he gives lots of tips about finding reasonably priced, decent materials, lining up wood, measuring, marking, etc. AND he has free plans you can have dropped in your inbox!
                                 (the new location for this information is at Google sites' Sculpture Resources.) 

Building Bridges To KPU

Hi again, Fans!
I'd like to issue a warm welcome to all KPU students and Alumni 
on this auspicious occasion!
3D Thinking is about to take a 90 degree turn,
and this particular blog posting is the 
between the old and the new.
{The present always is!}
 To Reiterate:
 Images with Red Borders have been
 intentionally crafted
not just to be visible in Image Searches
and, but, also
to indicate that they are part of 
a Meta-navigation Tool 
I have conceived of as an umbrella for
Web Presence.
From here on
3D Thinking 
will include links, videos, etc
 specifically set out with KPU students in mind. 
And, of course, the rest of the world is welcome to join!


Thursday, June 7, 2018

2018 Update

Okay, this works.
A Google Image Search 
Terry Sawatzky
will find the 
Red Border Meta Nav
Which link back to 
3D Thinking.
Nothing for it now but to create the images
and set up the links.
{I recently turned 60.}
And, but, also-
I have finally settled on this Meta-Navigation technique as
my way 
of interfacing with the internet.
As an Artist I have built various web site/systems
in the past
{Geocities, Flash, ...}
only to find them disappear soon thereafter.
So as long as Blogger holds up...
and, I suppose,
  Google Image Search,
I will have a Meta-Website
that uses this Blog as the navigation system/springboard
to wherever I have stuff.
And, also, but-
Perhaps linking to other 
People, Stuff, Art, Etc.
Parting shot:
Time and the choices we make.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Terry Sawatzky Meta Nav : IMAGES

Hi, Fans! Welcome to the New Era of Red Border Meta Navigation.
The idea is this:You can do a Google Image Search of
Terry Sawatzky
to find the visual link back to this blog entry
and this is where I'll put links to
(This will roll out over time as all things change constantly.)

My Tumblr Blog - has some images of my sculpture among other things.